Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Wrap-up!!

Oh my gosh, it's 2017... Seriously, where did 2016 go?? I feel like I just celebrated 2016 new years by playing Heads Up with my sister, brother-in-law, and mom until the ball dropped and then staying up until 5 in the morning watching TV with my mom, and all of a sudden it's 2017... Anyways, so Goodreads does this awesome thing called "My Year in Books" at the end of every year where you can see the statistics of the books that you've read that year and I love it so much! I got a little nostalgic looking at all of the books that I read over the past 12 months... 😂 It was so much fun being reminded of all of the books! And I thought I'd write a blog post with the statistics of my reading year!

So I read a total of 105 books in 2016! Which totaled to about 28,105 pages! My average number of pages (as seen below) was about 270 pages! And my average rating on Goodreads was 4.5 out of 5 stars!

The shortest book I read this year was The Queen's Army by Marissa Meyer....I didn't even notice that it was only 18 pages, all I knew was that it was really good...😂

The longest book I read was the first vizbig edition of the Inuyasha manga, which was 576 pages long.... I love being able to say I can read these books in 1-2 days...No one has to know that it's sometimes just looking at pictures! 😂

And finally, the most popular book I read was Pride and Prejudice which apparently has been read by 2,248,650 Goodreads members and the least popular is The Nervous Nephew which has only been read by 15 Goodreads members... Which is actually really sad because I really enjoyed that book!

Well, that's my 2016 in books! I'll be posting a December wrap-up and a Christmas book haul soon!