Tuesday, February 7, 2017

January Wrap-Up!!

So the first month of 2017 is already gone..... How did that happen?! I can't believe that it's February already... Unfortunately, I didn't read as much as I wanted to last month, but it was better than I thought I was going to! I thought I was only going to get one or maybe two books read, but I ended up reading four which made me really happy! Out of the four, one was a 3 star, one a 4 star, and the other two were both 5 star! I'd have to say Red Feather Filly was probably my favorite book that I read this month, while Life of Pi was definitely my least favorite! I'll be posting reviews for those soon as I have decided to do reviews on my favorite and least favorite books of each month so I can get back into actually doing reviews again!

As I said in one of my last posts, I started my monthly reading challenge again this year, except I randomized the prompts for each month on my phone! For January, the challenge was A Book I Should've Read For School! This is actually the same prompt that I had for January last year too even though I put it through my randomizer app... 😂 At first, I planned on reading Robinson Crusoe for this one, but at one point last month I was reading four books at one time and just was not in the mood to start another one that I had to finish by a certain day... Thankfully, one of the books I was reading was The Life of Pi by Yann Martel for my Multicultural Literature class for school, so I was actually able to complete this prompt after all! Next month's prompt is A Book I Can Finish In A Day and I plan on reading Molly and the Movie Star by Valerie Tripp!

It hit me today as I was going to make my Wrap-Up collage that I have another app on my phone with way better backgrounds and fonts in the same app instead of switching between two apps like I used to do, so this is the new and improved design for my collages using the Photogrid app! It is an awesome app if you like doing photo edits and collages and I highly recommend it!  

  • Dec. 18th/Jan. 8th - Gift Horse (Phantom Stallion - Book 9) by Terri Farley. Still continuing my buddy read of the Phantom Stallion series with my friend Sierra over at 26 Countless Possibilities! This was my one 4 star book of the month! While of course it was really good (as all the Phantom Stallion books are), it just wasn't one of my absolute favorites! I'd still love to re-read it if I ever got the chance!
  • Jan. 11th/Jan. 22nd - Red Feather Filly (Phantom Stallion - Book 10) by Terri Farley. Yes, the first two books that I actually finished last month were both buddy reads....😂 I'm actually doing another buddy read with my friend Shelby right now, and between my two buddy reads and my book for school I barely had time to read however much of a book that I wanted until I got some of the others out of the way! I won't give my thoughts on this book now because I'm going to be doing a review on it sometime this month, but I will say that I gave it 5 stars!
  • Jan. 12th/Jan. 31st - Life of Pi by Yann Martel. So I had to read this book for my Multicultural Literature class..... I was pretty excited to read this book because I had seen the movie maybe a year or two before and was curious to see how well the movie went along with the book. What I can say is that it was definitely more detailed..... I'll further explain my opinion in my review that I will hopefully have up soon! In case you couldn't tell, this was my 3 star book.
  • Dec. 20th/Jan. 31st - DragonQuest (DragonKeeper Chronicles - Book 2) by Donita K. Paul. Thankfully, I was able to finish my month with a 5 star book! I borrowed this book from my friend Sierra in August of last year and she is such an amazing friend for letting me hold her book captive for as long as I have! I was determined to actually read this book instead of just letting it sit on my shelf with my other borrowed books (I seriously have like 6 others...) and I was also very determined to get it finished by the end of January so that I could actually feel somewhat accomplished with my reading month. 😂 I love the way they do everything in this series.....I love the characters so much, all of the dragons are amazing, and I absolutely love the way they portray Jesus and God in these books! I really hope I get the chance to read the next books soon!


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