Friday, March 23, 2018

Tell Me About Yourself Tag!

Hey guys! Sorry it's a little late, but I ran into a blank as to what to post this week and then I ran out of time to type this out once I came up with the idea. 

So, I do at least one or two Bookstagram photo challenges on my Instagram each month and one of my absolute favorite challenges to do every month is the Read and Gush tag. They're hosted by a set of four amazing Bookstagrammers: marissa_writestall_telle_tells_talesalice_in_her_bookland, and kylielovesbooks, and if you love really awesome book pics, I highly reccomend checking these four out! 

Anyways, March's photo challenge was to complete a different book tag every day to try to beat the algorithm. Unfortunately, even though I really wanted to participate, I didn't have enough time to type out the tags every day... But even though this won't be beating any algorithms by posting on here, I figured I could use the tags as posts for my blog since I really wanted to do them! 

I figured this is a good one to start with since I don't think I've ever done a Get To Know Me post... (Or if I have, it's been two or three years. 😂) This won't be a very indepth post, but I plan on maybe doing a more detailed one another time! 

My face! 😂
  • Favorite Animal - Um... Depends... If we're talking about animals I can actually own, horse, hands down! But my overall favorite at the moment is probably a hedgehog! (My state is one of the, like, four that still outlaws the ownership of exotic pets...) 
  • Celebrity Crush - Colin O'Donoghue... Because Captain Killian Jones... 😂😍
  • Favorite City - I really love Chicago! If I had to choose a major city to live in, it would most likely be Chicago... I have family near there, so I've been quite a few times!
  • Favorite TV Show - Hmm... I haven't been watching much tv lately... But I do absolutely love The Good Doctor!! It's seriously so good; if you haven't watched it yet, I highly reccomend it!
  • Country You Wish to Visit - Greece and Italy are my top two places! Honestly, I think they're tied for first place on my list. My great-grandparents were from Sicily and I would love to see it one day! And Greece... So many reasons. It looks absolutely gorgeous, I am such a huge Greek mythology nerd, and just, the architecture and history and... I really want to go, okay? 😂
  • Era You Wish You Lived In - Hmm... Probably like, medieval times?? But, only if I can have like, a bow and arrows. And a horse. 'Cause that would be epic. 😂
That was it for this little post! I hope you guys enjoyed! If you think this tag is cool and want to use it on Bookstagram, your blog, or booktube, considering yourself officially tagged!! 


(Original #tellmeaboutyourself tag made by tyffany.h)

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