Thursday, May 12, 2016

New Books For My 16th Birthday!!!

Hi!! So, instead of trying to post this weekend, I'm gonna go ahead and post tonight because I will most likely have zero free time this weekend........ So my 16th birthday was last Thursday! I can't believe I'm 16 already!! I forgot yesterday for a minute...... and then I saw the picture of me with my learner's permit and remembered I got it the day after I turned 16. XD My parents took me and seven of my friends out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant and it was so much fun! So I got three new books for my birthday! Along with a 50 dollar giftcard to Books A Million, a 25 dollar giftcard to Barnes and Noble, about 50 dollars in cash, and a little stuffed animal lemur that whistles! (The lemur's name is Yoohoo XD) So the three books I got are Legacy of Secrets (Kingdom Keepers : The Return - Book 2) by Ridley Pearson, The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo - Book 1) by Rick Riordan, and The Year I Turned Sixteen by Diane Schwemm. Oh my gosh my copy of The Hidden Oracle is signed and I am so happy!!!!!!!!!! According to the person at BAM! it was the only signed copy that they got.... On Saturday my parents took me and my friend Shelby to Barnes and Noble and I spent my gift card and got three books! (The gift card only helped pay half the price....XD) I got Red Queen (Red Queen - Book 1) by Victoria Aveyard, Valkyrie (Valkyrie - Book 1) by Kate O'Hearn, and Deep Blue (Waterfire Saga - Book 1) by Jennifer Donnelly! I can't wait to read these books!!

Books A Million and Barnes and Noble gift cards!

Legacy of Secrets, The Hidden Oracle, and The Year I Turned Sixteen!

Signed copy of Hidden Oracle! Being guarded by Yoohoo!

Red Queen, Valkyrie, and Deep Blue! I'm actually in this picture!

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