Thursday, May 12, 2016

April Wrap-Up!!

Okay......I completely and totally missed doing my March Wrap-up........ April has been so crazy and I've had absolutely no time to think about a blog post lately..... I am gonna leave the collage for March in the bottom along with a small little thing about how many books I read and what I rated the one I read for my monthly challenge......Anyway, on to April! So I read 7 books last month... I'm kind of disappointed with that amount, but April sped by super fast to me!! I seriously don't know where it went! Anyways, out of my seven (*cough* pitiful *cough*) books, I only gave one of them 4 stars and the rest of them were all 5 stars....XD I owned two of these, and the other five were from my library. (I still have 12 more books currently checked out from my library to read....) Also, I completely forgot to read the book that I originally chose for April's book challenge, (Book You Can Finish in a Day), which was one of my mini American Girl books, so I replaced it with Wild Born!

  • March 28th/April 6th - On the Banks of Plum Creek (Little House - Book 4) by Laura Ingalls Wilder. So this was one of those "I'm not in the mood for an intense drama book and I want a nice book" times....... So of course I go to Little House on the Prairie once again! (This is like the third time I've read this book I believe...) Nellie Olsen came in in this one..... Once again making me want to smack her.... XD This book will always get 5 stars from me! 

  • 6th/9th - Darkness Falls (Survivors - Book 3) by Erin Hunter. Second time reading this book, and just as good as I remembered! I can't wait to read the fourth one soon!! It's being put on hold at the library ASAP! 5 stars as well! ^_^ (This one was a library book)

  • 10th/16th - Lost in Babylon (Seven Wonders - Book 2) by Peter Lerangis. Second time reading this one too....This one was so good..... Although I did notice more grammar errors than I remembered, but I didn't mind.... I laughed at them.... XD Another 5 star book! (Library book!)

  • 15th/19th - Wild Born (Spirit Animals - Book 1) by Brandon Mull. So, I chose this one to use for my "book I can read in a day" since I completely forgot about reading the American Girl book. Technically I didn't finish it in a day this time, but last time I read it I did..... XD (FYI - This is like my third time reading this book.....I love it so much....but I'm actually reading the whole series this time and I can't wait!) Anyway, naturally, 5 stars.... XD

  • 19th/21st - Demigods and Magicians by Rick Riordan. Oh my gosh I love this book.... It had art in it and I wish I owned it so badly!! I noticed things that I didn't notice when I first read the short stories on my kindle, and I love Percy in The Crown of Ptolemy so much!!! Although I still don't understand the reasoning for doing The Son of Sobek and The Crown of Ptolemy in first person POV, but not The Staff of Serapis..... I have come to the conclusion that Rick Riordan just does not like the idea of first person Annabeth.......and I'm so curious.... but I'll live.... Anyway, other than that, this book was amazing and of course I gave it 5 stars as well! (Library book too, sadly.....)

  • 21st/25th - The Tomb of Shadows (Seven Wonders - Book 3) by Peter Lerangis. Finally a book in the series that I didn't reread......even if it is only the third one......I'm pretty sure I've read The Colossus Rises three times..... (not that I'm complaining! I love these books!) But this book was so good! And I'm glad that they led up to a certain event so that you were at least a bit prepared instead of just bam! there it is and you don't know what to do for a while.... I wish more books did this.... though it might also be because I didn't particularly care about the character that was involved..... Anyway, I loved the end, and am so excited for the next one! (Which just so happens to be sitting on my bookshelf from the library waiting to be read!) In case you hadn't guessed, this was my last 5 star book for April.... XD (Library book) 
And finally......

  • 25th/30th - Book Scavenger (Book Scavenger - Book 1) by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman. I was very excited for this book when I found it on the end of a row at the library not too long after I added it to my Goodreads list! I really wish that Book Scavenger was an actual game.... It would be so much fun to play! Though I probably wouldn't be very good at making codes.... It would definitely take some practice... I have to say, my favorite character had to be Emily's (the main character) best friend James.......and his cowlick Steve of course! (Yes, he named the cowlick on the back of his head.....he is a complete and total dork and I love it....XD) I look forward to the next one coming out and I gave this one 4/5 stars. (Library book) 

Okay, so that's all for April! This month's reading challenge is "A Book Published This Year" and I plan on reading The Hidden Oracle (Trials of Apollo - Book 1) by Rick Riordan! I totally just got a signed copy for my 16th birthday and I'm so excited to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally hugged this book when I got it...... I'll make a post either this weekend or next weekend (This weekend is crazy, I'm in a play Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night, and I'm going with my friends to Civil War on Sunday night! In 3D!! Woot woot! I'm so excited!!!) with pictures of it along with the other books I got for my birthday! Okay, I'll be done ranting about my beautiful books for now.... See ya!


BTW - So in March, I read 12 books... (6 were library books and 6 I own) which consisted of one 3 star book, seven 4 star books, and four 5 star books. I wish I had done the post for March in time because I would've loved to rant about so many of these books...... but I'll just say that Memory Maze was the 3 star book.....and this rating was mainly based on the ending which left me shocked and (only slightly) depressed...... I still plan on reading the third one whenever I can get my hands on it from the library though! 

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