Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Books!! Woot Woot!!

Okay, yes I totally just said "woot woot"..... But I really love getting new books!!

So, my dad found three of the books at a thrift store last week! On the top is The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens! It's the first book in the Books of Beginning trilogy! I've read it once before as an e-book from my library last year or the year before, but I can't remember anything about it....XD Not to mention I absolutely love the way the pages are in this book! (They're the uneven pages like parchment or something! I absolutely love books with pages like that!) The two books in the middle row (from right to left) are Plain Pursuit and Plain Proposal by Beth Wisemen! Plain Pursuit is the second book and Plain Proposal is the fifth book in the Daughters of the Promise series! I don't have any more from the series, but to my knowledge they're standalones so it should be okay! I haven't read an Amish book in a while, so it should be interesting seeing if I still enjoy them or not!

The three books in the bottom row I found today when I went to Goodwill with my parents! On the left is The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo! I saw the movie last year (I think) on Netflix and I found it for 50 cents at Goodwill so I figured I'd buy it and see how the book is! I own the movie novelization version of this and I've never read it....I actually didn't even know that it was an actual book until today....XD The book in the middle is Puzzle in Patchwork by Roberta Updegraff. It's the twelfth book in the Church Choir Mysteries series published by Guideposts! I actually really like these books....they're Christian mysteries that I can get through pretty quickly and I enjoy them a lot! Finally... On the right is Jealousy by Jessica Burkheart! It's the seventeenth book in the Canterwood Crest series! I own, have read, and reviewed (Link here! Review! Take the Reins by Jessica Burkheart (Canterwood Crest - Book 1)) the first book and I'll probably get the other books from the library...

Well that's it for this post! These books came at a very good time since I wasn't sure what to post this weekend! Until next time!

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