Saturday, December 31, 2016

November Wrap-up!! (Sorry for being a month late!)

Hello again!! Happy New Year's Eve! I hope everyone had an awesome 2016! I cannot believe how busy one can be in December....I have been so busy.....I had dress rehearsal for my play, a dance recital, and two play performances all together, school is killing me, and I've been on vacation visiting family for Christmas... I know there's seriously only one day until 2017 (oh my gosh how did that happen?!), but I had this entire post typed out and just forgot to post it and it seemed a waste to not post it.....

But November was a really good reading month!! I read 14 books and enjoyed most of them! Out of the books, I read one 3 star, eight 4 stars, and five 5 stars. My absolute favorite was definitely Red Queen! Oh my gosh I loved that book! And my least favorite was probably The Cheetah Girls movie novelization....

November's monthly book challenge was "A Book That Intimidates Me". So naturally I picked The Kill Order because I've been slightly afraid to read it because of the content, but I did it! December's challenge is "A Book I Own But Have Never Read"! And I have decided to read Four by Veronica Roth! I actually just finished it today! I have wanted to read it for so long but I've just never gotten to it...And now that there's a sequel coming out with the pre-order of Carve the Mark (which one of my best friends is getting and letting me borrow), I'm really in a Divergent mood so I chose the perfect month to read it!

I'm definitely planning on doing my monthly challenge again next year! I randomized the prompts on my phone, so all but a few of the prompts are different from this year and I have an idea of the books I wanna use for each month! Now, on to the books!

Also, oh my gosh I just figured out how to put emojis on my blog posts!

  • Oct. 6th/Nov. 2nd - The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. My friend Abby bought this book because she absolutely loves the movie that's based off of this book, and because I love The Secret of Moonacre too, she let me borrow it! It wouldn't have taken me almost a month to read it, except for the fact that I was distracted by other books that I needed to read. I'm pretty sure I prefer the movie, though that may be because I saw the movie multiple times before reading the book, but I did really like the way everything turned out in the end of the book! I wasn't a fan of how young the characters were when they got married, but it does coincide with the time it was based in, so I don't mind too much. I ended up giving this book 4 stars!
  • 3rd/5th - The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke. I had seen the movie that's based on this book somewhere and thought it sounded really good but never got the chance to watch it (and still haven't)! I bought this book with birthday money this year and I'm very glad that I bought it! I absolutely loved the kids and I just wanted to hug all of them from the very beginning...😂 I was surprised that this book had magic in it though....there were rumors of magic in the beginning, but I didn't really expect the rumors to be true and it didn't really seem to fit most of the story line of the book to me... I did enjoy it though (as the 376 pages read in two days would suggest...😂) and I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads!
  • 5th - Three Cheers for Keisha (Magic Attic Club - Book 4) by Teresa Reed. I love the Magic Attic Club books.....I actually have the Rose and Alison dolls that my parents gave me when I was younger along with some of the books. I haven't read many of the Keisha books, but this one was very good and I really should read more of them some time... I actually forgot that I gave this one 5 stars.... This is why I have Goodreads pulled up in a separate window to look back on for dates and ratings!
  • 6th/8th - The Wedding Planner's Daughter by Coleen Murtagh Paratore. If you're ever in the mood for a lighthearted little love story, then this book would most likely be a really good choice! The writing was definitely different from what most books are like... I liked how there was a quote from a book or poem at the beginning of each chapter! I gave this one 4 stars!
  • 13th - The New Kids (Shugo Chara - Vol. 5) by Peach-Pit. This is the first book in the series so far to get a rating lower than 4 stars... It had a cute story, but I felt like it was a major filler book and didn't really move the story line along. This one got 3 stars.
  • 14th - Betrayal (Shugo Chara - Vol. 6) by Peach-Pit. I feel kind of ashamed that I can't remember what happened in this book.....I think I remember some of the main things based on the title.....😂 Anyways, this one got the usual 4 stars....
  • 14th - Inuyasha Vizbig Edition Volume 5 (Inuyasha - Vol. 13, 14, and 15) by Rumiko Takahashi. Rin finally came in in this one! It was so good! I honestly can't believe I managed to read it in a day though..... 562 pages..... The magic of manga...😂 I gave this one 5 stars!
  • 8th/14th - Red Queen (Red Queen - Book 1) by Victoria Aveyard. Oh my gosh I cannot believe how much I absolutely loved this book! It was so hard for me to stop reading whenever I opened it! And that ending threw me off so much....was not expecting that plot twist....I can't wait to read Glass Sword and I hope it will meet my expectations! In case you couldn't tell, this one got 5 stars...😂
  • 15th - Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium : Movie Novelization by Suzanne Weyn. It felt like I was rewatching the movie the entire time I was reading this...😂 I gave it 4 stars.
  • 15th/16th - The Cheetah Girls : Movie Novelization by Deborah Gregory. I have learned that I don't really like movie novelizations if I've seen the movie multiple times.... They're seriously word for word with no description at all....I really only gave this one 4 stars because The Cheetah Girls is one of my favorite childhood movies...
  • 16th/18th - The Sun Trail (Warriors : Dawn of the Clans - Book 1) by Erin Hunter. So my friend Shelby is reading the Warriors series for the first time (she's currently on the second New Prophecy book) and since we'd been talking about it so much, I got the idea that I wanted to reread the entire thing.....from the prequel series all the way through until I got completely caught up......Don't know if I'll actually do that...but I'm going to try!! I'm pretty sure this is my third time reading this book? I love this series so of course it still gets 5 stars from me!
  • Black Cat (Shugo Chara - Vol. 7) by Peach-Pit. This one is probably one of my favorite volumes in the series so far! Multiple parts of this one made me laugh... I really need to work on finishing the series soon considering I have volumes 8-12 sitting literally in front of my face on my bookshelf right now! 😂 That being said, this book still didn't make me think "oh my gosh this is one of my absolute favorite books!" so it received 4 out of 5 stars as well.
And finally...

  • Desert Dancer (Phantom Stallion - Book 7) by Terri Farley. Still continuing my series-long buddy read with my friend Sierra! I loved this one too and of course it got 5 stars!

Alright, that's it for now! My December Wrap-up along with a 2016 Wrap-up kind of post will be up (hopefully) within the next few days! Happy New Year!

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