Friday, April 28, 2017

2 Year Anniversary!!!

So I was just randomly going through old posts and realized that today is the exact day that I made my blog two years ago! I can't believe that it's been two years already.... It doesn't seem like that long!! Hopefully I will continue to blog in the upcoming years too! 

This is a really short post because I wasn't planning on posting today, but I just wanted to acknowledge my blog's 2nd anniversary! 

I plan on posting my April wrap-up this weekend (or upcoming week if I have time) and maybe even an April book haul soon! 

Also, if you hadn't noticed, I now have a link to a YouTube channel under my social media links! I made a BookTube channel today, along with my first video which has already been posted! Bye for now!!


--Oh! By the way, I added reaction buttons to the bottom of my posts so that people actually have the ability to react to the post without having to have a Google account or share the post! 

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