Thursday, April 27, 2017

Home Library Tour! (Among Other Little Things)

Look at who remembered to post this week! *celebratory dance* Yep, major nerd here. 😂 I do have to say that I momentarily blanked on what to post before realizing that I can show off my home library! Also known as, "the place where most of my books have lived for months and I haven't announced it once"... 😂 Anyways, I just reorganized all of my shelves - twice - in two days. Let's just say that I'm very picky about my shelves. 😂

After much, and I mean much, deliberation, I finally decided to organize my books by color. It was definitely a lot of fun to do! I'm kinda proud of myself for doing this in a little over a day. 😂 I learned that I apparently really like blue books... Pretty sure I have more blue books than anything else. (I'm actually in the middle of counting how many books of each color I have. 😂)

The sad thing is.... The amount of these books that I have actually read could probably fit in one of the small bookshelves...and might not even fill it up. 😂 I really need to get reading...

Before I end this post, I wanted to say that I'm planning on starting a booktube channel! I'm hoping to make my account tomorrow, but we will see! I've been watching a ridiculous amount of booktube videos tonight in order to figure out how to make my own. 😂 Wish me luck!


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