Monday, July 13, 2015

New Book!!!

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted in so long!! I didn't realize it had been over a month since my last post until I checked the other day! I meant to post this when I got back from my friends' house the other day, but I fell asleep before I could finish it... So I spent the night with some of my best friends for the first time in a really long time the other day! I haven't seen my friends since before my birthday (which was about two months ago) so when I spent the night the other night they gave me my birthday present! And of course it was a book!! ^-^ This is The Young Elites by Marie Lu. It's the first book in The Young Elites series and I can't figure out how to really explain it unless I put the whole description in this post...XD Marie Lu is the author of a set of dystopian books called The Legend Trilogy. I read Legend, which is the first book (I still have yet to read the second and third....), and really liked it so I'm excited to see how this book is! I actually think I accidentally put this one in my book jar twice...Oh well! It gives me more of a chance of picking it! I have a ton of books to post reviews for so hopefully I'll post one tonight!!


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