Thursday, February 4, 2016

Books Read in January!

Hi! I meant to post again this past weekend, but that never happened, so we're gonna post today! XD So, I read eight books last month! It probably would've been more if I hadn't kept switching books........On the bright side, I finished my first book in my 2016 reading challenge! And I saw on another blog that this person made a collage of the book covers instead of individual pictures and I really liked that idea, so I decided to make a collage of my own! I'm quite proud of it...XD

  I think I'm gonna try a new setup this time too.......So, here we go!

  • Jan. 4th - Johnny B. Fast : The Super Spy (Johnny B. Fast - Book 1) by Tom Doganoglu. This book is an e-book that I got on my kindle a few years ago. This is either the second or third time I've read this book....I apparently never noticed the grammar errors when I first read it.... But they didn't ruin the book for me this time, and all in all I thought it was pretty good and gave it 4/5 stars. 
  • Jan. 6th - The Storybook of Legends (Ever After High - Book 1) by Shannon Hale. This one was a library e-book and it was surprisingly good! I honestly wasn't expecting to be as entertained as I was by an Ever After High book, but I really liked it, and I gave it 4/5 stars. 
  • Jan. 11th - The Menagerie (Menagerie - Book 1) by Tui T. Sutherland. Another library e-book! I really liked this book and plan on getting the next one from the e-book library soon! This one also got 4/5 stars. :) 
  • Jan. 14th - Little House in the Big Woods (Little House - Book 1) by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This is the second or third time that I can remember reading this book..... I was addicted to these books when I was younger and my opinion definitely hasn't changed!! I loved this book (and am currently in the middle of the second one) and am very happy that I own the whole series! XD In case you can't already tell, I gave this one 5/5 stars! 
  • Jan. 16th - Beyond the Deepwoods (Edgewood Chronicles - Book 1) by Paul Stewart. Okay, not much needs to be said about this one considering I wrote a review on it that pretty much covered everything......I'm really hoping I'll like the next book better! This one got 4/5 stars. 
  • Jan. 18th - The Unfairest of Them All (Ever After High - Book 2) by Shannon Hale. Another library e-book! (Can you tell I love my e-book library? XD) Just as good as the first one and I hope to read the next one soon! I gave this one 4/5 stars too :) 
  • Jan. 20th - Abandoned Puppy (Animal Emergency - Book 1) by Emily Costello. This was one of the books that I've had on my shelf for a looong time and finally got to reading... It was pretty good, but so far I think I prefer the Animal Ark series a bit more...This one got 4/5 stars. 
And finally....... My first 2016 Book Challenge book.....for "A book I should've read for school"...
  • Jan. 31st - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen! I almost didn't finish it in time, but I was determined and I got it done! Oh my gosh I loved this book soooooo much!!!! I can't believe how much I enjoyed it! It's definitely on my favorites list now and I'm sure I'll be reading it again at some point....XD This one got 5/5 stars! 

Okay, that's it for this post! Hopefully I'll be able to post this weekend, but I'm babysitting until Monday starting tomorrow, so we'll see! 


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