Saturday, January 30, 2016

Would You Rather Book Tag!

  Hi!! Sorry I didn't post last weekend!! My cousin Lainey and my grandma spent the weekend with us and posting completely slipped my mind... Plus I couldn't think of what to post, and I still couldn't think of one for this weekend, but thankfully my friend Sierra helped me out by tagging me in the Would You Rather tag on 26 Countless Possibilities!

  Read Only Trilogies or Stand-alones?  
  I think I would probably say trilogies.....just because I get more of the story that way!

  Read Only Male or Female Authors? 

  Um......considering most of my favorite books are written by male authors, I'm gonna go with male.....even though choosing between the two would stink!

  Shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

  I haven't been happy with Amazon when I've bought books in the past, and Barnes and Noble is where I got my signed copy of Magnus Chase, so I'm gonna say Barnes and Noble! Even though I never go there......  

  All Books Become Movies or TV Shows? 

  Um.......It really depends on the accuracy.....Little House on the Prairie was made into a TV show, which wasn't too bad.....but then you have movies that are really accurate and then you have movies that are so bad you can barely watch them if you compare them to the books........I'm gonna go with movies for this one though!

  Read Five Pages a Day or Five Books a Week? 

  Five books a week!!! I would never be able to only read five pages a day! I would be so bored!!!  

  Be a Professional Reviewer or Author?

  Definitely author.....I would love to be an author.....and reviewing is fun, but writing is (usually) way more fun!

  Only Read Your Top 20 Favorite Books Over and Over Again, or Always Read New Ones You've Never Read Before?

  Um..........That's really hard..... My first thought would be to say my 20 favorite we're gonna leave it at that for now!

  Be a Librarian or Book Seller? 

  LIBRARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to be a librarian so badly!!!!!!!!

  Only Read Your Favorite Genre(s), or Anything But Your Favorite? 

  Favorite genres definitely!

  Only Read Physical Books, or E-Books? 

  Physical books!!!! I prefer actual books for so many reasons!

  I Tag: Anyone who wants to do it!!!!!

This one was really fun!!!!!!!!!!

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