Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Wrap-up!

Wow! I'm actually on time with this post!! And I actually have time to do things such as this now that I am officially done with school for the summer! (Woot woot!!) 

So I read 13 books this month!! I'm really happy with that amount... I was determined to finish the book I was reading last night and I did! And I read and finished another one today! (It was only like 60 pages, but still!) 

Out of the 13 books I read one 3 star book, five 4 star books, and seven 5 star books! I own 5 of them, I borrowed 4 of them from my friend Shelby, and the other 4 were library books! 

May's reading challenge was "A Book Published This Year" which I succeeded in doing by reading the amazingness that is The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan! (OH. MY. GOSH. THE. ENDING!) Anyway, June's reading challenge is "A Book Chosen For Me By A Friend" and I'm going to be reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer which my friend Sierra has been trying to get me to read for months! Although, I just realized Zodiac will also apply because I borrowed it from my friend Shelby (who loved it) months ago and am just now reading it....XD 

  • April 30th/May 6th - Little Blog on the Prairie by Cathleen Davitt Bell. So I really did enjoy this book for the most part.... I did give it 4 stars, although I almost gave it 3 stars for the fact that after the entire book I honestly wasn't expecting the kind of intense kissing scene between a 13 year old girl and a boy at least the same age if not a couple of years older..... the whole rest of the book is clean, and then that scene was just all of a sudden there... I decided to give it 4 stars anyway since that was really the only thing and I did enjoy the book....
  • 7th/9th - Who Do You Want To Be? (Shugo Chara - Vol. 1) by Peach-Pit. So, if you couldn't tell from my little collage, I decided to try out Manga....XD My friend Shelby is a big fan of manga and anime so I borrowed the first three volumes of Shugo Chara (along with Wolf Children). It's actually pretty good, once you get used to reading from back to front and right to left..... I might borrow more of this series from Shelby, but I'm not sure yet... This one did get 4 stars though! 
  • 10th - Friends in Need (Shugo Chara - Vol. 2) by Peach-Pit. Well, this one was obviously pretty good considering I apparently couldn't put it down....XD This one got 4 stars as well! 
  • April 7th/May 12th - The Wild One (Phantom Stallion - Book 1) by Terri Farley. So my friend Sierra and I decided to read the Phantom Stallion series together because I've had the 1st and 4th ones on my bookshelf forever and never got to reading them and it's also one of Sierra's favorite book series and she was willing to reread them! Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish this one at the same time as her because I fell out of the mood to read it for a little while before I finally finished it like a month later... I was really upset with myself too because it's so much fun reading with someone! 
  • 12th - Can A Bad Guy Turn Good? (Shugo Chara - Vol. 3) by Peach-Pit. Okay, this one was really really good! I think it's my favorite so far! It still got 4 stars like the others, but I really liked it!
  • 6th/12th - Hunted (Spirit Animals - Book 2) by Maggie Stiefvater. I really liked this one!! This one was a 5 star book! (This one was a library book!)
  • 13th/17th - Deep Blue (Waterfire Saga - Book 1) by Jennifer Donnelly. Oh my gosh this book was amazing! I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did, but it was so good and I can't wait to read the rest of the series! I still have my giftcard to Books A Million from my birthday and I fully plan on using it to buy the last three books some time in June once the last book comes out! 
  • 18th/20th - Blood Ties (Spirit Animals - Book 3) by Garth Nix. So, I've read books 1-4 in this series before, but I completely forgot an extremely important event in the ending of this book.....and it was like I was surprised all over again....and when you're a person who imagines what happens after the book you just read, it's very surprising to have to rethink things....XD I still loved this book of course and it got 5 stars! (Another library book!)
  • 19th/25th - Mustang Moon (Phantom Stallion - Book 2) by Terri Farley. I really really liked this book!! I actually think I may have liked it just a little better than the first one.....And I actually finished it on time this time!! This one got 5 stars as well! (Yet another library book!)
  • 21st/28th - The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo - Book 1) by Rick Riordan. Oh. My. Gosh. This. Book!!!!! The ending topped off everything perfectly and if I could give the ending 10 stars, I would!!! What was revealed in this last few chapters made me so happy and excited and I need the second one so badly but it hasn't even been a month yet!!!! I definitely see myself rereading this one in the near future.....XD In case you couldn't tell, this one got 5 stars! 
  • 28th - Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki by Mamoru Hosoda. So this is another one that I borrowed from Shelby. She is absolutely in love with the movie and this manga and she showed me the movie awhile ago and I really liked it! The story is wonderful, but the ending made me want to cry!! It's actually about 550 pages and I read it in about 40 minutes.....(manga's are extremely easy to read!) This one got 4 stars! 
  • 29th/30th - Fire and Ice (Spirit Animals - Book 4) by Shannon Hale. So along with the first book (Wild Born), this has got to be my favorite book so far in the series! I love Rollan so much and it went much further into his past and his story and by the end of the book I was so happy and sad and I wanted to hug him so badly!! I can't wait to read the next book! Thankfully I have the rest of the series (along with two bonus stories and the first three books in the second series from the library already! ^_^) Of course this one got 5 stars!
And finally......

  • 31st - Elaine and the Flying Frog by Heidi Chang. So this was a little 60 page book that I've had on my bookshelf forever and have never read so I put it in my book jar and decided to read it today! It was a very cute story! My only complaint was that I had trouble with a few of the names and one of them did take away a bit of the ease of reading whenever this character was mentioned. This book got 3 stars. :) 
Well, that's it for my May Wrap-up! I love doing these posts....and now I have to wait a whole month to do it again! But I will make sure to actually post more often now that I'm off of school! I have some unfinished posts that I found so maybe if I can't think of a post, I'll finish up one of those.... 

Oh! And I also ordered a set of books all signed to me by the author and according to the post office website they'll get here next Monday and I am soooo excited!!!! 


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