Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Books From Barnes and Noble! With a Slight Rant at the End...... (Newly Updated)

Okay, so as the name of the post says, this is part partying and part ranting...... My cousin Lainey gave me a 20 dollar Barnes and Noble giftcard for my birthday and since Barnes and Noble is pretty far away from us, I went online and picked out five books - two books and a box set with the first three in the series. The box set came in on Friday and the other two books came in yesterday! 

I bought Rogue Wave by Jennifer Donnelly, which is the second book in the Waterfire Saga, and I can't wait to read it! I loved Deep Blue so much! I also got The Unwanteds, Island of Silence, and Island of Fire by Lisa McMann, books 1-3 of the Unwanteds series. The Unwanteds was a suggested book in a book club my friends and I used to do, but we ended up choosing another book and I was really interested in this series! 

 Finally I got Inheritance by Christopher Paolini which is book 4 in the Inheritance Cycle. I still have the entire series to read before I reach this one.....XD Unfortunately, when I opened the box that contained Rogue Wave and Inheritance (The Unwanteds was shipped seperately), there was absolutely no packaging to keep the books from being tossed around during shipping (they were shipped to Georgia from New Jersey) and Inheritance's cover was cut, along with the first three pages having an indent from whatever cut it. It looks like they cut it with a box cutter or something when opening the box of books and they paid zero attention to the fact that this one was damaged when they packed it. I was so angry yesterday...... I've bought books from Amazon and received them slightly damaged (to the point where I doubt I'll be ordering books from Amazon again as both times the books were presents) but this is a bookstore. I expect a bookstore to package their books correctly so that they won't be damaged during shipment, and to make sure they're not damaged when they put them into the box. I plan on going to the Barnes and Noble store sometime this week to take this copy back and get a new copy. 

In order to end this post on a happier note, I still had my 50 dollar Books a Million giftcard from my birthday last month, and I ordered six books on their website yesterday!! Hopefully these are all delivered safely!! I can't wait to get them!! I'll also be posting a review sometime this week! Maybe even tonight if this storm keeps up...... 

UPDATE : The only had three copies of Inheritance at the store and they were all banged up and I wasn't about to have them order it again, I just got my money back..... which means no Inheritance for a little while.....

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